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IPP – Celebrate 40 with ‘The Entertainer’

Take out an eligible FWD protection policy and get a complimentary 12-month ‘The Entertainer’ Premium Membership with IPP”

IPP Financial Advisers, are Singapore’s first comprehensive financial planning company founded in 1983. In celebration of IPP’s 40th anniversary coming 2023, IPP is embarking on a 12-month campaign to create positive change through the power of financial planning and insurance.

Customers who take out a participating protection policy will be eligible to claim a 12-month ‘The Entertainer’ Premium Membership on a promotional website by entering their details and policy number.

‘The Entertainer’ is a leading provider of “Buy One Get One Free” that comes with access to over 300+ 2-for-1 dining experiences, days out experiences, and discount offers for restaurants, bars, spas, and attractions making it an amazing reward that can be shared with up to 4 family members.


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