Case Study

Air Datart (Samsung CZ)

Air Datart (Samsung CZ)

How the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones successfully increased market share for their Galaxy
line of smart phone devices on the Czech and Slovak market.

Client Profile
  • Samsung is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phone devices (34% world market share) fuelled by the popularity of its Galaxy line of devices.
  • Also a major vendor for tablet computers as well as pioneering the phablet market.
  • With headquarters in South Korea, Samsung Electronics employs more than 300,000 employees in 79 countries across the globe.


  • Datart is a major retailer for consumer electronics in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • The chain consists of 32 stores in the Czech Republic and 11 stores in Slovakia.
  • A recent merger with HP Tronic will secure a 20% share of the Czech and Slovak retail electronics market.


  • Increase the market share of Galaxy line devices (mobile phones and tablets) on the Czech and Slovak market with an innovative incentive to replace widely used cashback programs.
  • Promotion of the product line to go through one targeted sales channel: Datart – one of the biggest retail chains in CZ and SK.
  • At the same time,  increase sales by incentivising in-branch sales staff .



We created a Free Flight Campaign tailored to Samsung’s specific needs,  offering 5 departure airports across the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Austria and 13 unique destination cities across  Europe. The offer was  communicated online and at the POS.


Destination Cities


Departure Cities

Communication to Customers

“Buy a  participating Samsung Galaxy device  and receive a free flight voucher.”

Communication to POS Staff

“Sell at least x amount of units of the promotional products within the given time and receive a free flight voucher.”

Campaign Mechanics and Incentive Redemption
  • Inspire’s Free Flight Promotion outperformed all previous cashback promotions.
  • Conversion rate uplift above average.
  • Most popular incentive driver for Samsuing in CZ.
  • > 50% attach rate, which was remarkably above the average of 40%.


Marketing Collateral

Samsung and Datart created a range of marketing collateral to communicate the offer to customers. The offer and redemption process was effectively communicated to customers on POS posters and Online Banners.



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