Is a Cool Office Enough to Motivate Your Employees?

Inspirational and imaginative workplaces can have a real impact on the mood, wellbeing and productivity of your staff, even if you don’t go to the extremes that some go to – not everyone can work in an environment like Google’s!

Studies have shown that a well-considered workplace can make people feel more satisfied with their jobs too, so there’s certainly some merit in pub-style bench seating, a games room or napping pods, for instance.

However, what if there’s no budget in your company to go to such extremes? What if your workforce don’t want desks suspended from the ceiling or a puppy room? While a two-storey slide is certainly going to make you stand out when attracting staff, the novelty can soon wear off, with employees’ motivation heading in the same direction as said slide. Here are some small tips on how you can improve your workspaces’ vibe and increase productivity without breaking the bank.

1. Maximise natural light

No surprises here, but natural light has been proven to have a positive impact on mood, productivity and general health. Artificial light – particularly the harsh halogen lightbulbs that adorn so many offices today – has been known to lead to headaches and eye fatigue. Think about removing an interior wall, for example, or using glass to really maximise the impact of any natural light.

2. Keep it tidy

Now, no one wants to be the office cleaning fairy all the time, but keeping the workplace tidy is really important for a number of reasons. Importantly, it stops the office from getting dusty, which can fuel people’s allergies and lead to illnesses. What’s more, regularly decluttering the office will also help declutter the mind, so book some time out once a month to get stuck in and clean the place up.

3. Grow your own jungle

Not literally, but bring some nature inside. Plants are a great way to improve the air quality in your office, particularly if you’re relying on ventilation units for a fresh air supply. Hate to break it to you, but that air is almost never actually fresh. You can really improve air quality, which will in turn improve the office’s focus and productivity, with a couple of indoor plants.

4. Give your employees somewhere to unwind

You might be facing pressure to convert lesser-used rooms into more office space, but it’s absolutely vital that your staff have somewhere they can switch off for a few minutes during the working day. Whether it’s somewhere quiet and relaxing, or a fully-functioning games room, it’s just as important to respect the space. Create a few rules, such as no phones or meetings, and see how you get on.

Employee motivation is so much more than just leaping on the latest trends in workplace design. Successful engagement relies on strong communication of your company’s vision, adequate provision for career development and benefits and recognition that provide constant reassurance that you’re an employer that cares about your workforce.


When it comes to benefits and recognition, we’ve got a little something up our sleeves which we believe can go a long way towards improving morale and retention rates, while highlighting how much you understand your workforce, and the great thing is that it needn’t cost your business much.

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So before you blow the budget giving your office a makeover chasing current trends, you don’t need to wait for the next trend in employee recognition – get in touch today to see how you and your employees could benefit!

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