Written by Ellie Senior.

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The weather has taken a turn for the worse, the days are getting shorter and it’s still too early to get excited about the C word (Christmas!). It’s not surprising that you might experience a lull in staff motivation and productivity at this time of year. So, it’s prime time to make sure you’re engaging with your staff and offering them the treats (not tricks) that they deserve. Just because Halloween is upon us, it doesn’t mean your employee benefits scheme should become a horror story.

Here are our top tips for how to engage your staff and ensure your employee rewards scheme works for everyone involved…
Understand what drives employees
If you’re trying to engage and motivate employees it’s important to understand what drives them. Most workplaces will have a variety of different types of people, so understandably they won’t all be motivated by the same rewards. Some may be inclined to be incentivised by small perks, little and often – free cinema tickets or a high street shopping voucher, for instance. However, others are more likely to be driven by the prospect of high-value, one-off rewards, such as a holiday, which is much easier to facilitate than you might think with the Inspire Travel Card.
Involve staff in the creation of reward schemes
One of the best ways to find out what motivates employees is to involve them in the decision-making process. Ask them what would make them happier in the workplace. What are their ambitions and passions? Are they financially driven or is the culture of the workplace more important? Would they prefer small targets, which result in low-value benefits or are they driven by meeting high target for a large reward?

This can be easily done through creating an employee committee, team meetings or a simple survey.


Communicate regularly
If you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into an employee benefits scheme the last thing you want is for people to forget about it. Regular communication about the scheme and any changes to it are crucial to engage your staff.
Choose an ambassador to fly the flag for the scheme, and give regular reminders and updates through the company newsletter if you have one, or engaging e-mailers.

Use real-life examples of those who have benefited to demonstrate how achievable and realistic it is to be a winner on your employee rewards package.

According to research by Capita Employee Benefits, 69 per cent of employees saying that they are more likely to stay with an employer that offers a good benefits package and 68 per cent stating they are more likely to take a job that offered good perks. So, you can’t afford for your benefits package to spook off the top talent!

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