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January is undoubtedly the time of year when the odd pick-me-up is much needed. The effects of Christmas spirit (both the mood and the Baileys!) have well and truly worn off by now and, while the shortest day of the year is behind us, there are still a few months before we can look forward to sunny evenings in the garden and our summer holidays. It’s no surprise then that January is often the time of year that people start to feel restless in their jobs and look for pastures new. So, helping your staff beat the January blues should be a top priority.
It’s the little things in life
Everyone seems focused on health and wellbeing in January, which is of course important. However, we deserve a few treats to get us through these grey days. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can really perk you up – your favourite chocolate bar, a glass of wine or even some extra time!
A team social or some office treats could be just the thing your staff need to boost morale. Or, why not reward them with a ‘bonus’ afternoon off? A few hours off is a small gesture, but it can mean the difference between getting to sit down to a proper meal with the family, shaving travel time off a weekend away or simply some much-needed ‘me-time’. Time is precious and people appreciate it at this time of year more than ever.
Treat ‘em lean, keep ‘em keen
Ok, this might go against point one, but for those who get a kick out of health and fitness, January is a good time to launch a wellbeing initiative. A team running club or ‘lean lunches’ group in the office is a good way to boost team spirit, and give everyone something positive to focus on, or indeed create a common enemy if you’ve got a particularly cruel personal trainer in to help for instance!
Pick them up with perks
A lot of hard work and negotiation goes into staff rewards and incentive schemes, but they often get forgotten by those outside of the HR team. January is a great time to remind your staff that they’re important and show them that they are valued.
From cash bonuses, to free cinema tickets, to health packages, there’s a minefield of different options to consider. Whether you’re looking for a long-running rewards scheme or a one-off bonus, the Inspire Travel Card offers a great way to reward employees. It works in the same way as a gift card – allowing users to use the amount to take money off more expensive flights, hotels or trips, or they can use it to book attractions tickets, both abroad and in the UK.
With holidays being on the minds of many employees at this time of year, it’s a good time to tempt them with the reward of a getaway for their hard work!

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